Location-Based Services: Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and Whrrl

Whenever you visit social media websites the one thing that users want from you is your location, as a result, location-based services has been the main topic at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. These services that we talk about are actually apps and will make it easier for you to locate one of your friends when they go out for the evening – this is done with the use of 3-D map technology.

This news has had a huge response from a number of companies who have been showing off their new mobile apps using GPS along with a host of other services. ABC News explains that this has marked the start what is being called “location wars.” As you would expect the likes of Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and Whrrl are all competing in this battle.

Twitter already has this new feature, which we spoke about in a recent post and Facebook are to follow very soon. These social media services know how our handsets are getting smarter, and the use of mobile applications can tell us where we are – so using that same technology on social media websites is just the next step in their evolution.

Once this technology is fully harnessed it will be much easier to locate your friend or family member – only if they want to be located of course. Just picture the scene, you have gone out for the night and entered a bar or club – all you need to do is open up a desired app and send an alert to your friends, letting them know where you are.

This would be ideal on Foursquare, as this could all be part of the game. For more details on this visit ABC News