Followers of a brand on Facebook or Twitter affect sales

As you have probably guessed businesses are using social networking as a way of drumming up income, therefore it is no surprise that recent statistics posted on Mashable show that both Facebook and Twitter are majorly impacting purchasing decisions.

A recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies looked at how Twitter and Facebook can impact purchasing decisions, the results they found were pretty staggering.

Consumers who become a fan of a brand/product on Facebook are 51% more likely to buy the particular product that they are a fan of, also 60% of the fans are likely to recommend a product to friends and family.

The Twitter statistics are more impressive, consumers who follow a product are 67% more likely to buy the particular product they are following, however more impressively 79% of followers would then go on to recommend a product that they are following.

Obviously these statistics are quite hard to prove, especially as most people follow products which they are already interested in iy, however accurate or not, it is well worth using social networking to attempt to build your business, who knows it could change a good year into a great year. For full details check out the link below.

Source: Mashable