Firefox 3.0.x Users: It’s time to upgrade

After what seemed like a long haul with months of testing, 5 beta versions, and 2 release candidates, Firefox 3.0 was eventually launched in 2008. Mozilla’s web browser used Firefox 3.0 as a stable branch before it was upgraded to 3.0.18.

However Mozilla’s future plans only include one more update for it. Many people still use 3.0.x version even though many users now have 3.6 so Mozilla’s shift points to the fact they want these users to upgrade as well.

Mozilla have been more pointed lately about reminding people of upgrades, telling people using the old versions of Firefox about the update. They do have a point as Firefox 3.6 has been here for a few months now, so why be attached to the older version?

For more on this story go to Are you one of the users sticking to your old Firefox and will you now be persuaded to move on?