Facebook improves search experience

Facebook are working hard to help improve its user experience, one way to do this is by opening up data. The social networking site is to launch some new enhancements to do just that – these will help you get the relevant profile, event and page when you run a search.

This is now far more advanced than the previous system – as it would auto-suggest existing connections. Mashable offers us a fine example of just that, which you can read by visiting their website. Facebook has used this kind of data before – users already use this same feature on ads for Fan Pages.

The idea of these searches is a good a simple idea – one that has been wanted by Facebook users for sometime now. The new improved search experience will now allow you to get where you want much faster, giving you more time to talk to your friends or to play Farmville.

Mashable are still not certain how well this new feature performs, as it has not been made available to all users – it is being rolled out in the coming days. Let us know your first thoughts of this new search feature.