Twitter Founder Talks China

It seems as though Twitter will definitely be going to China at some point, according to news coming from a New York panel discussion. Apparently during the debates Twitter creator, Jack Dorsey, speaking to Chinese artist and activist, Ai Weiwei, promised that China would eventually get its own Twitter version.

It happened in a session at the Paley Center in New York about social media and digital activism. Dorsey, who was taking part via teleconferencing, seemed to draw back a little on his statement though when he quickly added that because of both technical and legal difficulties it may be quite a while before the service was launched there.

It comes at a particularly problematic time as Google may be withdrawing from China because of government censorship. Ai stated that Twitter was already influential in China, despite it being blocked at present for most people adding that, “Basically it is a society [China] that forbids any flow of information and freedom of speech”.

Dorsey conceded the main drawback for Twitter at the moment was problems with translation and admitted he wasn’t quite yet sure how to tackle getting Twitter inside China’s firewall. Ai was among the people whose Gmail was hacked into by unidentified people and gave a telling message to Dorsey by saying to him, “You will become one of the most important heroes in Chinese political development”.

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