Google Wave: The Complete Guide

Google Wave is already taking the Internet by storm – it had got of to a poor start with a number of problems, but these have now been rectified. While attending the Social Media World Forum I had heard someone say how big Google Wave will become – there seems to be no stopping the search engine giant at the moment.

Many of us already know all there is to know about Wave but for those who do not – there is the Complete Guide to Google Wave, which is available now. Lifehacker explains that this new edition is packed with a number of screenshots along with a number of examples to help you get to grips with the new service.

Google Wave users have so many questions – the guide offers answers to a number of these. There are now two new chapters to this new version of the complete guide – some of the existing chapters have now been rewritten, since new information has been made available.

The new print version of The Complete Guide to Google Wave will cost $9 in PDF and $25 for the book. A portion of this will go to a couple of great causes. For more information on this visit Lifehacker.