Google Wave Extensions: Gallery Unveiled

Google aims to offer you the best features with their Google Wave program, this is evident with these latest extensions gallery. For those who have not given Wave a go yet – you are missing out on a browser-based app that is something in middle of an email with IM, throwing in document sharing for good measure.

The Register picks up on the fact that Google Wave is coming up to its first year since its launch and has on offer a range of APIs for developing extensions – allowing you to embed conversations into websites as well as blogs. The latest is the new extensions gallery – it appears as a link in the navigation panel along the left hand side of Wave.

This new gallery will display extensions in the form of lists of Waves – forming the basic building blocks of the platform. Some of these news features include installers allowing you to add on extensions from the toolbar within in the Google Wave program – there are 15 in total.

Google recently unveiled 2.0 of “robot” API within Wave and now allows you to create an automated user, which performs much the same way as a real user does. For those of you who wish to develop your own Google Wave extension – then send them to Google for review.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    I dont remember when was the last time I really used Google wave gallery…
    They should integrate it inside gmail like Google buzz….Wondering if there are people who are still using it now?