Most Popular Club on Twitter

The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood is now the number one club on Twitter, with over 26,000 devotees. What a contrast to less than 5 years ago, when the club was fading, along with many others on Sunset Strip.

It seems that Twitter was one of the major factors in the clubs, and some of its neighbours, change of fortunes, which has also led to a more strongly bonded community at the same time. According to the owner of the Roxy, Nic Adler, (also the son of one of the club’s founders), businesses in the area had rather sat back on their laurels. After realizing something had to be done he began to see that using social media was a good way to re-energize the club.

He, along with other business people on the strip, started to generate an offline community using online tools, all stemming from a distinctive social media campaign. Bonds were formed up and down the strip as The Viper Room and The Comedy Store both joined in the tweeting. This led to more and more business owners getting together to create a whole new approach to their local neighbourhood.

Nic Adler asserts that by adopting the use of Twitter and other tools the area has received a breath of fresh air saying, “We’re all talking together and we’ve become a really strong voice within our city to get things done”. For more on this story go to It seems as though embracing social media has done wonders for The Roxy, and other businesses on Sunset Strip. Maybe you can think of ways it could help other businesses in other industries?