Google Maps: New Twitter Plugin

Twitter have certainly moved up a gear when it comes to offering a better service to its users – this is evident with the recent inclusion of a Google Maps plugin. The new feature will be applied each time you Tweet somebody, this is according to a report from Only Kent.

If somebody was to tweet you – no matter where they are in the world – you will be able to see where they are Tweeting, all thanks to this innovation. All you need to do is turn the feature on – this is done in the settings section of your Twitter account.

Twitter had announced this Google Maps plugin some time ago, but was only made available yesterday. Go give it a try now – just tweet and then hover over the small blue icon that appears next to it. From there the Google Maps plug-in will then appear and show where that Tweet had been sent from.

This is a great idea, but Only Kent does warn that you turn the feature off if you wish to stay hidden. More details can be found at Product Reviews.