TweetPhoto: Share photos on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or Foursquare

Some of the most popular iPhone apps are those that connect to your social media account – Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or Foursquare – such as TweetPhoto. This application will allow you to share your photos across these services, making it easier than ever.

The software was first launched in April 2009 and has been improving ever since; there is a range of new features in this latest version with one aim – greater social media integration. The latest to be added is Foursquare support and a new partnership with Kodak.

TweetPhoto acts as a standalone photo sharing service, meaning that you do not need to use a number of other apps. There is another coming in a few short weeks – this will add LinkedIn support and improved login services. Users of the app are able to upload their photos and then link them to their social network accounts.

TweetPhoto is available from the App Store and is Free. For more details visit TechCrunch