Social Media Tips: Twitter

To many people Twitter is seen as a major part of their life, and the social networking site is like a living thing and needs feeding with content to say alive. The more that you put into it the more you will get back – here are ten tips for you to build your community.

The first and always most important tip is to create a user friendly Twitter ID, this will be your brand that people get to know you by. In many cases your name will already be taken – try to keep as close as possible when choosing an alternative.

The second tip is to search for people to follow; this could be someone who shares the same interests as you – including hobbies or job. The third tip will help you get along with other users, and that is to learn the lingo that goes with social media.

The fourth tip is to know who is replying to you – always do a twitter search if you are unsure of the person. The fifth tip is to add your Twitter ID to all of your signatures. The sixth is to reach out and say something to your followers, who knows – this could get your more.

The seventh tip is to spend time and read the bio of those who are following your Tweets; this could make it easier when engaging them. The eighth tip is to promote others and then share with the your best information – remember Karma.

The ninth is to learn etiquette, never post any personal information, such as an email or your cell phone number. The final tip is to learn who the big players are on Twitter – they often share some good information. We hope this all helps in creating a better Twitter experience for you.

Source – Mashable