Verizon Outage: Twitter helps customer service again

There is no denying that cell phone networks are coming under increasing pressure from user demand, just yesterday Verizon suffered a national data outage in the U.S, which Product Reviews reported. The service is now working again fully, but Twitter has to play a small part in this.

Verizon knew that the service was down and was able to inform customers via their Twitter page. Verizon Wireless was able to get the service back up and running in four hours, this does show that the micro-blogging website is being used all the more with businesses and their customer service.

This does show that Twitter is used for more important things than just general chat and updates to people’s pages. At the time Verizon did not confirm on their support page or Twitter page what the problem was. We can now tell you that is was due to bad switch software, whatever that means.