Social Media Marketing and Data Analysis

Social Media is used for more than just sharing things with your friends, many companies are able to gain access and then build a dossier up on you, the user. Nothing is done illegal; all the information gathered is built up from what you share on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites.

This will certainly open a few peoples eyes and remind them just how easily their information is available, just be certain you know who you are connected too when on these social media sites.

Mashable has reported that Jules Polonetsky from Future of Privacy Forum has warned that we need to be aware of any comment that we make on these social networking sites, as all the information that they share is being added to a database. It is not known for what use though.

As a result of this latest news, Polonetsky reports that the Federal Trade Commission is looking into the current privacy structure and if needed will change accordingly. However, he does point out that consumers are happy to share the same sort of information with Amazon, as they use this to recommend what sort of books you would like to read.

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