Parents want teacher contact via social media networks

When it comes to Parents and teachers communicating with each, it is no secret that things are a little formal, which is why both parties would like to use social media networks. This will results in less formal situation, making it much easier for both to communicate.

This new YouGov research by Tesco for Schools and Clubs had some great response in Edinburgh, and parents in that area said that they would only speak to their Childs teacher once a year, this is not good when it comes to the education of a child. explains that 83 percent of parent’s contact their child’s teacher at parent’s evening; shockingly 61 percent said that they would contact the teacher by giving their child a note.

22 percent of parents said that they would be happy to communicate with teachers via SMS or Facebook. Teachers in Edinburgh are now embracing this new way of speaking to parents, but will other parts of the country follow?