Kwedit Start-up: Buy virtual goods

The economy is a strange thing, one moment it is getting back on its feet and the next things seem to slow down again. However, the one constant is the thriving virtual economy such as Facebook games. It certainly seems strange to part with money for a product that you never physically own.

For those who still struggle to make the decision to embrace these virtual goods Wired explains that we have been doing the same for years with software. There are also those who wish to purchase these virtual games, but have often found it difficult to purchase due to certain circumstances.

Thankfully a start-up company called Kwedit aims to solve this issue by allowing users to build-up credit to pay later. The company has got together with Social Gold to handle transactions for Facebook games, such as Mafia Wars. reports that 7-Eleven will handle personal payments; we just wonder how come it has taken this long for someone to come up with the idea.

Kwedit will give you more points depending how well you keep paying your credit, if they do not keep up with payments then you loss the right to play the games. For more details visit