Buzzie is first iPhone app for Google Buzz

Google Buzz is the latest social media service and is aimed at other services such as Twitter. A new app called Buzzie has since been released for the iPhone and allows users to buzz conversations in their local area; you do not even have to log in.

This new app is aimed at giving those without a Buzz account a taste of how the system works. For those who have a Google Buzz account and logs in you are then able to buzz a certain conversation or even choose to follow them.

Google gave users the option of hiding their location when buzzing; this is selected in the iPhone’s GPS. If you wish to follow new users, this is done with one click, making it easier than ever to join a fellow Buzzer.

For those in the U.S., Buzzie will cost $1.99; users in the UK will pay just £1.19 for the service. For more information visit The Next Web.