Aura melds GPS with social networking tools

We all know how competitive the Sat Nav market is, but Sygic believes that they have found a niche in the market with the release of Aura with added social networking tools.

The new system uses an interface much like Google Earth and uses the Aura maps that are licensed from Tele Atlas, owned by TomTom.

The maps can zoom right down to street level and then offer 3D rendering of landmarks. Other features include turn-by-turn navigation, speed camera warnings, lane assistant and much more.

However, the feature that seems the most interesting has to be the range of social networking services, such as broadcasting your current position on your Aura contact list. This is handy as it allows you to know if other friends are in the area. The system does not show your exact position, and you can turn the feature off you want to stay hidden.

The Aura App is now available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, with Windows Mobile 7 coming soon. For more information visit PC Pro.