Sony Playstation’s Twitter Reports PS3 Network Down: PSN Corrupted

It would not be the first time that the Sony Playstation Network has gone down, but Twitter has gone crazy over the last 24-hours thanks to a worldwide PSN outage. PC World is reporting that the PS3 Network is both down and “Corrupted”.

Reports say that this is preventing offline play across the world, and millions of gamers are crying out, as they cannot play games. Some will be relaxed and can wait; others have a new game and feel the world has come to an end. Heavy Rain anyone?

If you feel that something dramatic has happened in the form of a terrorist attack or some kind of hack, you would be disappointed to know that the problem sits with a “hardware-related time and date glitch”.

You can read official updates on the Twitter account Sony Playstation. We will update you when more information is posted. Some rumors suggest that the new PS3 Slim is not affected, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • brandin

    ps3 slim is effected

  • steven dalton

    yes ps3 slim is effected n ther taken the piss 2 get it back on if its not back on by the end the month i will be gettin rid and goin to xbox bored with al the bull shit the service is shit ther a big company shud have it sorted by now maybe the company needs a new manager hu will make sure thers as many ppl on the job as possible surely it dunt take this long jus 2 sort it its a joke sort it sony before u end up with no customers n goin bank rupt thn xbox will be laffin wen they get al the custom