Twitter Users: BlackBerry app will update 50 different social sites

The latest version of the “Seesmic for BlackBerry” application has added some useful new features, and thanks to Seesmic acquiring in January, the Twitter app maker has added that service into the latest release.

Twitter users are now able to use this BlackBerry app to update 50 different social sites simultaneously. Other features for Twitter users include: Integration with TweetPhoto, multi-account Twitter support, and the choice of three photo sizes for uploads.

Apple iPhone owners can only drool at the drastically enhanced features in Seesmic for BlackBerry, but we have hopes that an iPhone app will make an appearance soon. If you’re a Twitter user with multiple accounts, you will really appreciate the configuration options in this app.

Head over to to read the full details, and see a video. Let us know your thoughts on “Seesmic for BlackBerry” in the comments.