Verizon iPhone 5: How The Release Threatens AT&T


Previously we have reported on the Verizon iPhone and how it could possibly be an initial positive for AT&T as they will get a lot of cancellation charges when people switch from their network. Now we are going to look at the other side of the coin and see how it threatens AT&T … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve 2010: Cocktails and Apps


Previously we reported on some apps that would help to make your New Year’s Eve party easier. Within the article we touched on some food and drink tips, but now we are expanding on the cocktail side of things … [Read more...]

Samsung: CES 2011 In Las Vegas


As we know, CES 2011 will be staged in Las Vegas in the coming weeks. With all the different companies brining along their latest technology, gadgets and devices, we thought we would help you out by bringing you the Samsung kit that we know about … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Apps For 2010 Parties


If you are planning a New Year's Eve party then why not use technology to help? There are hundreds of apps that can assist you in many ways; it can help you with party games, music and even party food … [Read more...]

GameGears Set To Retail Nintendo 3DS 18 March 2011 Under £200


Nintendo’s highly anticipated 3DS has been seen on GameGears sale pages with a RRP of £199.99, not only this but an advertised release date of March 18 is also listed. … [Read more...]

Nook 2 E-Reader From Barnes & Noble: On It’s Way?


While Barnes and Noble have been in the spotlight over their Nook e-readers potential explosions issue, you would think that the manufacturer had enough on its plate without placing more pressure upon themselves. … [Read more...]

Google Doodle: Happy New Year – Traditions Around The World


Google is now pretty well known for changing it‘s logo from their conventional one on special occasions. To name a few of our favorites so far through 2010, we have seen the popular search engine dedicated to Oscar Wilde, Halloween (where Scooby Doo helped out), and the 115th anniversary of the … [Read more...]

New Netbook: Gigabyte Q2005 – Specs & Details


2011 is possibly going to be the year of the tablet but of course, things can change, especially when there are new Netbooks being released. There has been another one recently. This is from Gigabyte and it‘s model number is Q2005 … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble: NOOK’s eReader – Good Sales Continue


The holiday season has been brilliant for pretty much all of the eReaders. Previously we heard that Amazon’s Kindle 3 is the top selling item on, well now it seems that Barnes & Noble don’t want to be forgotten … [Read more...]

LG Tablet PC: Running Android Honeycomb OS?


CES 2011 has seen many tablet PC announcements already, so far we have seen a great advert from Motorola for their tablet PC that will be running Android Honeycomb, we have seen the BlackBerry PlayBook and an Archos tablet PC which looks pretty interesting … [Read more...]

2011 Business Plan: Social Trends You Should Know


Well, it's the end of the year and everyone is gearing up to start the New Year with a bang. This year is no different, especially for businesses. With all the preparation and plans for the forthcoming year, there are a few things that we wanted to inform you of which might help … [Read more...]

Ford Release SYNC Destinations App


In light of the recent bad weather we have just endured, would it have been advisable to have an app that gave us directions to our chosen destination, information on areas that were potential hotspots to avoid and so on? News in today is that a new Ford SYNC Destinations App is now available for … [Read more...]

Chicken Cam Vs. Human Cam: Video Comparison For Stabilization


Now you may be wondering, what a crazy title for an article but there are some amazing things that a chicken can do. They are surprisingly advanced in that they see in color, can live for years and can even develop a personality … [Read more...]

Skype Video Calls: iPhone AT&T Data Plans – Smashed In 1 Hour


Following on from our earlier article on Skype’s recent update to allow video calling on the Apple iPhone, we have a bit of news for you about it. Whilst it’s a great addition to their app, AT&T will also be rubbing their grubby little hands together … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Brings Apple’s 5 Year Plan To An End?


The last few weeks on the internet has been rife with news surrounding the next generation iPhone, yes we are talking about the iPhone 5 and its subsequent arrival next year. But along with rumors on what specifications it will include and release dates, have we ever considered after its launch, … [Read more...]

Ford MyKey: Radio Censorship & Speed Restriction


Parents, select your level of paranoia. Do you have children in their teens that always need to use your car? Perhaps you want to put a few of your worries to rest by restricting some of the things your kids can do in your car … [Read more...]

Sharp Galapagos Tablets Update: Re-Tuned For 3G Radio?


The Sharp Tablets have been enjoying their debut in Japan since their release. We presume that sales have been ok since we haven’t heard otherwise, but now we are hearing a few reports about the tablets … [Read more...]

2011 Tablet PC: Android & iPad To Rule?


With CES 2011 fast approaching, we are seeing many different companies preparing their tablet PCs. So far we have seen Motorola’s advert for their tablet, which wowed audiences, we have seen the Archos 70 and of course, the BlackBerry PlayBook … [Read more...]

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: Release Date Not Delayed


It would seem that the rumor surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook never materialized and has now been rubbished by RIM. We reported to you that the PlayBook would perhaps be delayed due to some battery issues, however RIM are saying that the PlayBook will be released on time. You can read the … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone: No Show At CES 2011


We have learned that Verizon are planning their time at CES 2011 to be all about Android, ruling out the Verizon iPhone. This will disappoint many who were hoping that the Verizon iPhone may pop up. So far we haven’t seen much of Apple appearing at CES 2011; another theory was that they would show … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone: Skype Update – Video Calling Added


Skype is a great tool and now they have explained what went wrong with their unplanned outage back on December 22nd, all seems well. Now Skype have updated their Apple iPhone app and this looks very appealing … [Read more...]

Top Search Term 2010: Facebook – Are You Surprised?


Ladies and Gentlemen, Experian has been doing all its fancy work again, pulling in the figures for lots of different things. Have you ever wondered what the most searched for term is? There must be a few out there that you would guess at … [Read more...]

Radio Shack Release HTC Evo Shift January: Price & Specs


While HTC’s EVO Shift has been hovering around in renderings and other leaked information sources, we have been waiting for something more solid to get our teeth into. … [Read more...]

Verizon LTE HTC Thunderbolt: Pictures Ahead Of CES 2011


Another entrant into the fray of CES 2011 will be HTC’s latest smartphone, It will be the first LTE device to accommodate Verizon. Rumors suggested that it could be named, the Mecha or Droid Incredible HD, but it looks like HTC may have chosen to call the 4.3-inch screened handset the Thunderbolt. … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Archos 70 – Specs Released


It is looking like CES 2011 should be re-named “The Tablet Showroom”; as more and more different models are going to be there. So far the most impressive advert we have seen of the tablet PCs has been from Motorola … [Read more...]