Bose Introduce 46-Inch VideoWave LCD With 13 Speakers


Bose may have taken a back seat recently, but with the introduction of its new VideoWave System they could be working their way back to the top. Whilst Bose is one of the top players in virtual surround and home theatre systems, VideoWave will be the company’s first TV. … [Read more...]

iPhone App To Find Next Child Model


As parents, we compare our children to others, and 99% of the time we are biased over what they do and how they look. For some of us, me included, we wonder how nice it would be to see our sons or daughters modelling for a well known kiddies clothing catalogue. With the help of a new iPhone app, … [Read more...]

iPad Introducing “Internet Tethering”


When the Apple iPad tablet was first introduced, people were delighted by the fantastic features. But the one thing it lacked was support for “Internet Tethering”. For users, it was made difficult to access the internet via their iPhone onto the iPad. … [Read more...]

Legend: “Tony Curtis” Honored On Twitter


Sad news has filtered through today, on the death of a Hollywood legend, 85-year old “Tony Curtis”. For online social networking site “Twitter”, it has been a day of remembrance. TMN News have reported on thousands of people leaving their tributes on the site. … [Read more...]

Kanye West Tweets Cancellation Of “Good Friday Giveaway’s”


Kanye West, one of the hottest names in rapping and producing, has now announced on Twitter that he will be cancelling his weekly “Good Friday Giveaway’s”. An announcement was made today after tracks from his album have been made public online via different blogs. … [Read more...]

Ayodhya Verdict: Young spread peace on Twitter and Facebook


An important decision that many people in India were waiting for today was the Ayodhya verdict from the Allahabad High Court and that decision has now been reached. It involved a 64-acre area of Ayodhya, 350 miles from New Delhi, where the land had been disputed by both Muslims and Hindus and has … [Read more...]

DentBetty: Upload Your Pictures For Repair Estimates


When you own a car you get accustomed to the everyday running of it, you know where to go to get fuel, get it cleaned, taxed and serviced. But as soon as you have an accident, the car is damaged and you’re not sure what to do next. Spending the time trawling through the masses of car body repair … [Read more...]

Twittermentary- The Twitter Documentary Showing 7th October


Whilst Facebook fans were eagerly awaiting the release of ‘The Social Network’, Singaporean filmmaker Siok Siok Tan was preparing his own documentary, based on the other social network Twitter, which has recently overtaken MySpace by achieving the milestone of 96 million users. … [Read more...]

Nokia N8 Starting To Ship


For those of you out there who may have pre-ordered the new Nokia N8, good news has come through today that the new handset is on its way. The new device will come with some fantastic new features including, enhanced Symbian^3 OS making it faster and easier to use, 3.5 glass display, new Ovi apps, … [Read more...]

Paris Motor Show 2010: Social Media Benefits

Paris Motor Show 2010 Social Media Benefits

Although the 2010 Paris Motor Show isn’t open to the public until Saturday, 2nd October, the event has actually kicked off today (Thursday, September 30th). There are several events scheduled for this year’s motor show, including the “Incredible Collection 2” and a test center for EDF electric cars. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Set To Challenge Apple With Xbox Kinect Sales


Over the last few months, we have been reporting on the new Xbox Kinect console. The new “controller-free” device is set to change the way of gaming and entertainment. It is due for release on November 4 in North America and in Europe on November 10. Microsoft will be offering two bundle packages … [Read more...]

Russel Brand Fully Exposed On Twitter


Twitter, one of the biggest online social networking sites is home to the everyday user as well as celebrities. It gives people the chance to tweet to one another, post out announcements such as a birth, marriage or divorce and can give people the opportunity to let off a bit of steam. … [Read more...]

BlackBerry “PlayBook” To Sell Via Best Buy Outlets


We reported only yesterday, of the new forthcoming “BlackBerry PlayBook” tablet device which will be on its way to us sometime next year. It is difficult at this stage to confirm what features and price we can expect to see. Nicholas at CrunchGear has reported that, electronics retailer “Best Buy” … [Read more...]

Blackberry Torch 9800: Out in the U.K on Friday


After a lot of anticipation, RIM's Blackberry Torch 9800 is launching this week in the U.K. We have had reports from Electric Pig that Phones 4U are getting hold of its first batch of the Blackberry 6s on Friday. The phone comes with a 5 mega pixel camera, WiFi, GPS with Blackberry Maps, … [Read more...]

New Sony Google TV: Features and images


With all of the talk being on 3D TV at the moment lets not forget about the HD 2D TVs that are still being pushed out by the big manufacturers. So if you are looking for a new TV, but don't want to get involved in all of that 3D malarkey then we may have just the thing for you. Sony has … [Read more...]

Twitter: Bigger than MySpace and catching up on Facebook


Microblogging service Twitter is now officially getting more traffic and monthly visitors than MySpace it has been revealed. According to Mashable and numbers from marketing research firm comScore. Twitter has just leaped over the head of MySpace with 96 million users versus 95 million. However … [Read more...]

Skype 5: Facebook Connect, SMS and voice chat

Skype 5 Facebook Connect SMS and voice chat

It appears from recent reports that the popular social networking website Facebook and the Skype software application are on the verge of announcing a significant partnership, which will include the integration of Facebook Connect, SMS and even voice chat. … [Read more...]

Win A Trip To Costa Rica With Dunkin’ Donuts


Social media is a fantastic way to promote your business. With a wider audience using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it can only add to businesses custom. Dunkin’ Donuts is no exception to this. … [Read more...]

3D Rental: Sky and Virgin asking for £6 per film


With the imminent 3D home viewing experience about to hit our lounges it seems only logical for companies such as Sky and Virgin to shed a little more light on the options we will have upon purchase. … [Read more...]

Dell 7-inch Android Tablet: Release weeks away


News has come through today, of yet another tablet about to hit the market. Only yesterday, we reported on BlackBerry’s new “PlayBook,” and it seems that Dell will be bringing their own version out in the next few weeks in the form of a 7-inch Android tablet device. … [Read more...]

Google Instant Monitors Restricted Words


Google Instant, which was recently launched gives its users the ability to access search results while typing. It works when it predicatively knows what you are about to type and brings the search results up automatically. But, news has filtered through today that Google have now scrutinized some … [Read more...]

iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak GreenPois0n Causes Unlock Delays


We know that many of you are waiting avidly for the Chronic Dev Team who are busy developing the GreenPoisOn jailbreak, to announce the iOS 4.1 unlock tool for your iPhone. However it seems that there may be some disappointment out there today as it’s been announced that the team is currently only … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Arriving In Japan February 26


For all you gaming enthusiasts out there, news has come through today of an official launch date for the “Nintendo 3DS”, it will be February 26, 2011. The handheld gaming console has now been updated with 3D capabilities; therefore the user will not need to wear the special glasses. … [Read more...]

Japan’s Konami: Announces Arcade Game “Road Fighters 3D”


For gaming enthusiasts out there, news has filtered through today of a new arcade game “Road Fighters 3D”. Japanese company “Konami”, developers of slot machines, trading cards, arcade cabinets and video games have now announced the new 3D game including the use of seat-mounted 3D glasses. … [Read more...]

Office For Mac 2011: Official Release 26 October


For those of you waiting to hear a release date for Microsoft “Office for Mac 2011”, an announcement has been made today that it will be arriving October 26; this is earlier than we anticipated. … [Read more...]