Dalton McGuinty Joins Twitter: ‘Premier Dad’ Embraces Social Networking

Dalton McGuinty Joins Twitter

More and more politicians appear to be using social media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter nowadays, even President Barack Obama has a Twitter account. The latest politician to have embraced social networking is Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty. … [Read more...]

Universities on Facebook Page: Connect and communicate


It’s that time of year again, when millions of students head back to the classroom and there’s news today that Facebook has built a Page full of resources and useful information for students, both starting and returning, to college and university. The use of social media for university and … [Read more...]

Apple Event: iTunes samples may extend but no cloud music service


Everybody is anticipating what might happen at the Apple Event due to take place tomorrow, September 1, and the most prominent speculation is that the event will mostly be about the iPod Touch 4G. However now it seems we may also be receiving an announcement about iTunes. … [Read more...]

Google Gmail Priority Inbox: Sift out the dross


The news for Google’s Gmail service is coming thick and fast at the moment. A few days ago we told how Gmail had extended its ‘undo’ time and then came the launch of Google Voice with Gmail with over one million phone calls being made in the first day. Now there’s another feature called Priority … [Read more...]

Labour MP Diane Abbott abused on Facebook – Tory boy forced to quit


We’ve seen it happen many times before, people write things they maybe should have thought twice about on a social networking site, and it gets them into trouble, such as the recent case of a teacher having to quit after she made remarks about her job on Facebook. The latest example involves young … [Read more...]

YouTube Pay-per-view Plans: $5 to stream new titles?


We recently brought you some news of a couple of new ideas from YouTube, first a free movie service and also the YouTube Charts, keeping tabs on the most popular videos. Now it seems there’s more news as YouTube may be getting involved in Pay-Per-View. … [Read more...]

YouTube inspirational videos to remember


YouTube is a relatively recent feature for many of us and just a few years ago played very little part in our everyday lives but the ever-growing success of the popular video-sharing site just goes on. Just recently it offered a new movie service and there was also a YouTube Charts launch to keep … [Read more...]

Foursquare vs. Facebook Places: Shocking Poll Results

facebook vs foursquare

Almost two weeks ago we were given Facebook Places, and were left wondering if users would start ditching Foursquare. A poll which has been conducted asked users which service they preferred has given some surprising results. … [Read more...]

Apple Rumors Roundup ahead of Media Event

Apple media event

With Apple announcing a special media event for this coming Wednesday, we have had the usual speculation and rumors of what the company is going to announce. Here is a roundup of some of the rumors circulating at the moment. … [Read more...]

New iPod Touch 4: Larger Storage or iTunes Cloud?

New iPod Touch 4- Larger Storage or iTunes Cloud

The new iPod Touch 4 is expected to be launched at the September 1 Apple Media Event during a keynote by Steve Jobs. None of us know what the design looks like yet – one has not been left in a bar – but there is the assumption that it will come with not only a 5-megapixel camera, but also a … [Read more...]

Owner Finds Missing Cat via Twitter

lost cat

A house cat decided to go for a ride on a train in the busy city of Dublin without her owner, and ended up lost and alone. Train staff at Pearse Street train station found her and took her in and decided to start searching for the cat’s owner. … [Read more...]

Facebook Goes Lawsuit Crazy, Sues Teachbook


Facebook is a great service used by many people on the internet. For many users, it is the way that they interact with the internet as a whole. Now on top, Facebook seems to be getting a little worried about possible threats from competition, as it has filed a lawsuit against Teachbook for trademark … [Read more...]

Booyah Nightclub City’s Track List Contest for Musicians

Nightclub City

Nightclub City is a casual game which you can play on Facebook. You start off with a small nightclub, and whilst you are spinning tunes, your friends come over to hang out at your nightclub. The purpose of the game is to complete tasks, hire friends and ultimately upgrade your bar so it’s the most … [Read more...]

Hand Transplant with Twitter Updates

Hand Transplant with Twitter Updates

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter really are being used in the most unusual of ways nowadays. Doctors at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky used Twitter recently, to document a rare double hand transplant on a severe burns victim. … [Read more...]

Google Voice with Gmail: Over 1 million calls in 24 hours


Google has just released its new service, using Google voice on Gmail and you may have expected the Call Phone innovation would prove popular, but not many of us would have anticipated, just how popular. In fact on looking at the figures Skype might just have some competition on its hands. … [Read more...]

Diaspora – open source alternative to Facebook coming September 15


The social networking giant Facebook, is about to face competition from a new social networking site called Diaspora, created by four students in New York as an open source alternative. Facebook has seen many privacy issues over the years since it was founded, so much so that the students decided to … [Read more...]

Federal employees warned not to mix politics and social media


We're all aware of the impact that social media has had in the workplace and now it seems that Federal employees have been issued with new guidance about the use of social media while at work, from the Office of Special Counsel. A document has been issued recently by the OSC telling employees how … [Read more...]

Samsung Fascinate Release Date for Verizon Galaxy S

Samsung Fascinate Release Date for Verizon Galaxy S

There are four Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphones in the U.S.; two are already on the market, while we still wait for the final two. We already know that the Epic 4G from Samsung will be with us on August 31st, but we have yet to here anything on the release date for the Samsung Fascinate from … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter: Honor The Deceased


It's never a good time when a loved one passes away, even after the funeral you still want to keep their memory alive. Online social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow friends and family to post their tributes. … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter: Don’t Be Fooled By iPad Con


It has recently come to light that online social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are now having to deal with yet another scam! With the sites growing in user numbers and the benefit of just about anyone having an account (age restricting), it seems that there has been a floor surrounding the … [Read more...]

Facebook history of privacy issues – clearly displayed


An infographic can be a really useful way of displaying figures or facts graphically that makes things a lot clearer than simply displaying a list of information. They enable users to more easily see the bigger picture about a subject such as the one we featured yesterday called the GeoSocial … [Read more...]

iPhone or iPod Touch Pinball Magic accessory


We all know how sophisticated gaming apps can be these days, giving you a real taste of an experience or alternatively taking you to a complete realm of fantasy. However sometimes, just occasionally we’ve missed the physical feeling of a game and for people who love pinball machine play we’ve got … [Read more...]

New MySpace Profile / Theme Gallery: Easier and simplified

New MySpace Profile Theme Gallery

MySpace has been listening to their user when they explained how difficult it was for them to navigate through their profiles to get to cool content. The social networking site has not only updated the profile area but also the theme gallery as well. … [Read more...]

iPod Touch 4G Release Date and Specs: Apple Media Event

iPod Touch 4G Release Date and Specs- Apple Media Event

We reported yesterday that the special Apple media event was going to be held on September 7th, but many of us were misled – that date has moved forward to September 1st. We assume that Steve Jobs will announce many things, but the most likely has to be the iPod Touch 4G. … [Read more...]

Social Media Isn’t Free: Marketing costs real money


If you are a regular reader of Online Social Media, you will know that we report on many articles which are about marketing through social networks. These articles include a success story of a small business which has been using Facebook, tips and tricks for using Twitter for marketing your … [Read more...]