Twitter Helps You To Find New People To Follow

Twitter is used by lots of people to keep up with what is happening with friends, family, celebrities, and the world. Now Twitter is helping you to discover different people to follow, with a system that they call “Suggestions for You”. … [Read more...]

Samsung Android Tablet PC in Q3: Could it beat the iPad?


When Apple released the iPad, they completely dominated the tablet market overnight. When I think of tablet computers, the only product that comes to mind is the iPad. Now other companies are throwing their lot into the arena and are working on products which will compete with Apple for a slice of … [Read more...]

Wikileaks and Facebook Privacy / Security: Do we care?

Wikileaks and Facebook Privacy Security- Do we care

This has not been a great week for our privacy and security, and this had been brought about by two of the biggest social networking service – the controversial Wikileaks and the biggest of them all, Facebook. … [Read more...]

Top 10 YouTube Viral Video Remixes: Your favorite?

Top 10 YouTube Viral Video Remixes- Your favorite

There have certainly been some great viral videos on YouTube, but we often wonder how these can be made better? Well the answer is by remixing them, and Mashable has what they believe is ten of the best remixes yet, but we wonder if you agree with their choice? … [Read more...]

RIM BlackBerry (Blackpad) Tablet Release Date: November?

RIM BlackBerry Release Date- November says rumors

We have known for some time that RIM is planning to launch a BlackBerry tablet device to not only compete with the ever-popular Apple iPad, but the bunch of other tablets that will be hitting the market later this year. According to two people close to the situation RIM plan to release theirs in … [Read more...]

Google Earth 5.2 Weather Simulation: Setup guide

Google Earth 5.2 Update- Weather Simulation in real-time

Google Earth already offers more than enough, but the search engine giant knows that users what more new features all the time, which is why 5.2 update comes with weather simulation in real-time. This means that in some parts of the U.S. and Europe you will be able to track rain and snow. … [Read more...]

Google Places API: Similar to Google Maps


Google currently announced its new Places API as part of its Google Maps API. It will enable users to check-in with different places that they would normally use. It will give extra information to users to access a business, name, address, phone number and a description of the location. Currently … [Read more...]

100 Million Facebook Profiles: List of companies downloading torrent


Yesterday, Facebook came under scrutiny yet again, after a hacker Ron Bowes pulled information from Facebook’s open directory, therefore giving him access to users information that had been set to send to everyone else. The torrent (2.8GB) contained personal information from at least 100 million … [Read more...]

Spotify U.S. Delays: Do Americans still care?


For those outside of Europe, Spotify is a free music service which allows you to stream music through your computer for free, with adverts on the page and audio ads between roughly every third song. It’s a great service as you can get access to most of the music that you want for free, and you don’t … [Read more...]

Twitter and Missed Opportunities for Advertisers


In a recent report on 29 July by digital agency "360i", it concluded that Twitter one of the biggest online social networking sites is not using its full potential in relation to advertising and marketing. It seems that when users converse with one another on Twitter, there is rarely any mention of … [Read more...]

Twitter users’ Mood Results


Survey results carried out by a Boston University “Northwestern”, looked at users of online social networking site Twitter and analyzed 300 million tweets between September 2006 and August 2009. The survey which looked at geographic location, whether the tweets were hourly, daily or on a weekly … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks on Twitter: Controversial Conversation

WikiLeaks on Twitter- Controversial Conversation

WikiLeaks has not been out of the news for two days now, a result of them making military documents available to the public – more on this in our recent article. There have been a number of arguments over this, with the public having a mixed view, but this has not stopped people from visiting their … [Read more...]

YouTube Play: Logo change draws visitors

Youtube play

Today if you go and visit YouTube, you’ll notice that every time you refresh the page, or watch a video, the YouTube logo will change. Why is this? Because Google has partnered with HP, Intel and the Guggenheim museum in New York to create the YouTube play project. … [Read more...]

Ballmer Talks up Windows Tablet: Admires iPad


Following the phenomenal success of the Apple iPad, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, talked again yesterday about its plans to go ahead with Windows-based tablet devices. Earlier in the year Ballmer had announced plans for a Windows 7 Slate to go up against the iPad, then Microsoft changed its mind, … [Read more...]

Facebook IPO Date Delay: More users and increased sales

Facebook IPO Date Delay- More users and increased sales

There had been rumors that the Facebook IPO would happen soon, but there has since been rumors that this initial public offering will not take place until 2012. There is said to be a number of reasons for this, the first is to increase Facebook users, and the second sales. … [Read more...]

Palmdale Fire: Facebook and Twitter Updates

Palmdale Fire- Facebook and Twitter Updates

The fire that is spreading west of Palmdale California is now heading towards Los Angeles County and as a result firefighters are about to begin an assertive air attack. The fire has spread out of control since it started yesterday; this has forced hundreds of residents out of their homes. … [Read more...]

Wikileaks: The Aftermath after leaked documents


You’ve probably all heard about WikiLeaks, the website that publishes leaked information and its recent publication of military documents under the title of the Afghan War Diary. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding the issue among the military, politicians and of course the public, all … [Read more...]

YouTube: 15 Minutes of Fame Contest Details

YouTube- 15 Minutes of Fame Contest

For those of you who love to upload videos to YouTube but always seem to run out of time due to the 10-minute limit, we can now tell you that they have now increased the limit by 5 minutes. This means that you will now be able to upload 15 minute videos, and this has led YouTube to begin a 15 … [Read more...]

Tinychat: Web-based chat rooms and 10,000 new users a day


You may have thought that web-based chat rooms was a thing of the past, but Tinychat - a simple audio, video, and text communication platform - has shown that users love to create web-based chat rooms. … [Read more...]

Facebook to Challenge Foursquare and Gowalla with Hot Potato deal


Online social networking giants "Facebook" are nearing their deal to acquire “Hot Potato” the social media site which launched last year giving users accessibility to events in their area through the site or the Apple iPhone app. Hot Potato has been battling it out against competitors Foursquare, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011: New features video


At the end of this year users will be able to explore the new version of Office for Mac 2011 along with the return of Outlook for Mac. With a series of videos which give an insight into the new features, compatibility across platforms and interface changes of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, users … [Read more...]

iPad Not for Linux Users: Survey results


According to a recent survey of 20,000 users carried out by MyType, results found that iPad users tend to put themselves into a different category compared to Linux Users. Linux was set up to provide a service on a mobile device, a tablet computer or a video games console. It was found that Linux … [Read more...]

Amazon Releases New Kindle: Price and features


Many of you probably own an e-reader of some sort. It’s a device which is used to read books electronically, using a technology called e-ink. Using the e-ink display, you can get a device which can hold thousands of books and which has a low power display which looks just like ink on paper. Amazon … [Read more...]

iPad Problems: Overheating leads to lawsuit

iPad Problems- Overheating leads to lawsuit

Apple had hoped that their troubles were behind them when offering free cases and bumpers to iPhone 4 customers, but now they might have another issue on their hands. We have been getting reports that at least three iPad owners have claimed that their devices had shut off due to being in the sun too … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Integration Strategies: SEO and PPC


Recently I’ve written a lot about how important Social Media Marketing is, how business schools are doing classes on the subject and how Ford are an example of a company which does SMM so well. Now you can succeed at SMM by following the tips and tricks listed within this B2C Marketing Insider … [Read more...]