World Cup 2010: No Twitter for England Team

World Cup 2010 No Twitter for England Team

It appears that more and more sports are starting to ban their stars from using social networking sites such as Twitter nowadays. And it looks like the England World Cup team are the latest sports stars to be banned from using the microblogging service. … [Read more...]

Facebook Should be More Transparent for Positive PR


The huge social networking site Facebook is being advised to be more transparent in its dealings with privacy settings, by PR professionals, following recent controversy. There have been many criticisms made about Facebook recently from individuals and organizations and the latest surrounds the new … [Read more...]

Hugo Chavez: From Twitter to Blogging

Hugo Chavez From Twitter to Blogging

It really wasn’t that long ago, that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would have turned his nose up even at the sheer mention of social networking and sites such as Twitter. In fact, at one point he even called the popular microblogging site Twitter a “tool of terror.” … [Read more...]

Twitter For Video traffic: Tops Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Bing


Some of the biggest online media sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and Google are now having to compete against the likes of Twitter. These rivals are now up against Twitter receiving more video web traffic than ever before. … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid Shadow First Photo: Thanks Photoshop


You may or may not have heard about the upcoming Motorola Shadow (Droid 2) but hopefully it’s coming seen and we have some news for you about it today. A photograph has become available which apparently is the Shadow,which was found in a Verizon corporate gym. … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid to get Android 2.2 Froyo Update


By now you’ve probably heard about the latest Google operating system, 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo which was announced at the recent Google I/O conference. Many of you can’t wait to get the upgrade and there is good news now for Motorola Droid owners among you. … [Read more...]

Apple may release a white iPhone 4G

Apple may release a white iPhone 4G

We have known for sometime that there is to be a new iPhone this summer, we had all assumed this to be a black model but there have been sightings of a white version of the iPhone 4G. We had assumed that there would be a white version at launch, but this is the first image since Gizmodo leaked the … [Read more...]

iPhone 4G Release: Can it really compete with Google?


Today Steve Jobs confirmed his keynote address at WWDC 2010 on June 7th, although that’s all he commented on, but we know more than in previous years thanks to a iPhone 4G prototype leak that caused some controversy. … [Read more...]

Pakistan Bans Twitter: Site is Restricted


Pakistan has now banned Twitter, shortly after pulling the plug on Facebook and Youtube. The massive worldwide sites have been forbidden due to offensive web pages and blasphemous contents. … [Read more...]

Twitter leaks forces BA Cabin Crew Strike

Twitter leaks forces BA Cabin Crew Strike

British Airways cabin crew could be seen gathering at picket lines at UK’s Heathrow Airport this morning, in order to start their series of walk-outs. And while all this was going on, cracks were beginning to appear in their union’s leadership. Tony Woodley – the joint head of Unite – took fire … [Read more...]

Most Influential Twitter Users: It’s cosmos today


Our attention has been drawn today to a representation of the most influential Twitter users, in the form of a gigantic map of the cosmos. The complex and intriguing map is called the Cosmos 140 and enables people to actually visualize the 140 most influential users. … [Read more...]

Facebook admits mistakes: Mark Zuckerberg intends to change


There’s been an awful lot of controversy surrounding Facebook in the last few weeks regarding privacy concerns and there have been criticisms about the lack of communication from Facebook about these concerns and up till now, no comment from its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. … [Read more...]

Employers use Social Networking to check up on staff


So you’re at work, or of course at home, and occasionally (a lot,) using a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook to keep on top of your social life but have you ever thought of the implications of doing so for your career, or the legal implications involved. … [Read more...]

BP Oil Spill: Online Live Feed


The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion is still causing major concerns and now we can all see for ourselves exactly how bad the situation is. Lawmakers in the U.S. yesterday wanted the public and scientists to be able to see a live feed and have now … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong Crash: Photos From Twitter


In the Tour of California 2010 yesterday it was up-and-coming Peter Sagan who won Stage 5 in 4h 52m and 28s, but for Lance Armstrong the day went from bad to worse. He had already had to fend off allegations about doping, made by the disgraced Floyd Landis who had finally confessed to doping … [Read more...]

Twitter and Google Maps: Bupa tracks mood of UK tweeters


FORGET the stereotypical British reserve, pioneering new research shows we’re a nation of Tweeting romantics. A unique analysis by Bupa of more than 66,000 Twitter posts reveals the prevalent mood of the nation’s Tweeters is ‘in love’, with 31,353 posts in the past four weeks alone (47 per cent). … [Read more...]

New iPhone Game: Retro Prince of Persia

New iPhone Game

If I were to say the words “Prince of Persia” to you right now, you’d probably think actor Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming movie. But the video game that the movie is based on is a remake of a platform-style game, which was originally released on Apple II and then other platforms. … [Read more...]

Harness Power of Twitter for a Job


Now we all know that Twitter can be used for a myriad of purposes but one thing that may not have occurred to you is to job hunt with Twitter. However there are more and more instances recently of people who have harnessed the power of Twitter to gain employment so it could be the right route for … [Read more...]

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta: Latest download shows tethering from AT&T


Good news for all your iPhone fans out there as we hear that the new iPhone OS 4.0 beta finally includes AT&T Internet tethering. People have been clamouring for this for some time so it’s nice to think that maybe they’re being listened to. … [Read more...]

Paul Pierce’s Twitter account has been hacked


If any of you are wondering about anything strange going on with Paul Pierce’s Twitter account then wonder no more, as news comes that his account has been hacked into. The account you will find here has been verified as being authentic by Athlete Interactive, the firm behind his account, but there … [Read more...]

Google’s Smart TV Service: Release Approaches


If you’ve not yet heard of the Google TV initiative we can tell you that it’s coming soon and a few more details about it, such as the fact it will be called Smart TV and is aimed at bringing the web to televisions across the globe. … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s New Hotmail Features: Keeping Ahead


Hotmail is certainly re-inventing itself with a whole new range of features to keep up its competitiveness with other services, such as Gmail whose integration with Google services has made it the fastest growing webmail. … [Read more...]

Facebook Users: Do you restrict profile access?

Facebook Users

With Internet scams and phishing attacks becoming more and more common these days, it is quite understandable that users are now becoming less willing to share data about themselves with people they don’t know online. As reported from, Ofcom research has recently revealed that at least … [Read more...]

YouTube’s Video Site Expands Into Africa

YouTubes Video Site Expands Into Africa

The popular Google-owned video sharing website YouTube has celebrated its five year anniversary this year. The site has gone from strength to strength over the past five years, and now the website has expanded into its sixth continent, Africa. While the actual YouTube website is available to … [Read more...]

Celebrity-Ness Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


So how exactly do you determine how famous a celebrity is nowadays? Well I'm going to tell you. An organisation called Famecount takes into consideration the celebrity's number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube channel viewers. … [Read more...]